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When the co-originator of permaculture David Holmgren says he’ll write a new book, he means business. Retrosuburbia: The Downshifter's Guide to a Resilient Future is the ultimate guide to living sustainably in the suburbs and cities. At 600 pages and 130 illustrations, it was an epic undertaking. I illustrated the entire book by hand, with no Photoshop or Ipad in sight. Check the short video below for a look at the process.

The book has now become a movement, with book clubs, a Facebook group, courses, online resources, talks by David, and even a kids' book.

You can buy both Retrosuburbia and the kids' book Our Street through my shop.

This Covid-era booklaunch features host Costa Georgiadis at his finest. Hear Su Dennett talk about her childhood, groove along to some Formidable Vegetable songs, and watch a kids' drawing lesson by yours truly.

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