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  • How can I support your work?
    The best way to support my work is to join me on Patreon. With a one-off or monthly donation, you help me to create more ethical illustrations. You can also support me by downloading prints, buying items from my store, and by sharing my work online.
  • What's the deal with your shop?
    My items are distributed by Permaculture Principles, who offer creators an ethical alternative to Amazon. They are a low waste people-scale company and they pay their staff a fair wage. They offer international shipping, wholesale rates and can answer any questions you have about your order. To get in touch, email Christine at ​ My prints are created on-demand by a drop shipping company to reduce waste. Ethical paper and inks are used, and their network of printing centres means that prints are created locally to lower travel miles. ​ All of my products are produced with consideration of their environmental impact from source to sink.
  • Can I share your work online?
    Yes - you are welcome to share my illustrations on social media. It all helps to spread the message. Please credit my instagram account @brenna_quinlan or my website as appropriate.
  • Can I use your work in my newsletter, blog or to promote my community event?
    Yes - you are more than welcome to use my images for your not-for-profit ethical, environmental or community stuff. This includes events that charge a small fee to cover costs, and fundraising projects, as well as all non-monetary projects that are working to make the world a better place. You can gain access to my entire catalogue of work through Patreon for a monthly or one-off donation (starting at $3AUD), or purchase my images separately as downloads through my website. Get in touch if you have any questions. If you'd like to license my work for a for-profit project (say, printing my work on a T shirt and selling it), then email and let's chat.
  • What kinds of commissions do you do?
    Commissions are the right fit where they match my ethical criteria and availability. Check out my rates sheet for pricing and an overview of the process. If that works for you, then get in touch at I have worked with city councils to show their net zero plans, with academics to illustrate their findings on food justice, ethical projects looking for new website artwork, with authors on numerous books, and with NGOs and charities to create posters, brochures and educational resources. ​ If you'd like a hand drawn original, you can get one through Patreon for $25 a month.
  • Do you do graphic design?
    My main passion is in creating unique illustrations with a purpose, so for projects requiring layout, web design, or other graphic design elements, I am happy to partner with a graphic designer.
  • Do you do logos?
    I accept logo work when I have the availability. I charge $1000 per logo. Here are some examples of my logo style:
  • Can I translate your work?
    Yes - I've had my works translated into dozens of languages, which helps spread the message to new audiences and empower new groups of people. A selection of my works are available here with the text removed, ready to translate, alongside a style guide for translations. Thanks for helping spread the word.
  • Can I share translations of your work?
    Yes - you can download all translated works here. Be sure to credit the translator - their names are on each image.
  • Can I translate the Permaculture Poster?
    Yes, we' have had the poster translated into Italian, German, Portuguese and Mandarin already, and we'd love to see more translations. Check out the Translations Drive File for all the info.
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