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Illustrator, educator, mover, shaker

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Brenna Quinlan is an illustrator and educator drawing a better world into being. She has ridden a second-hand bicycle from Canada to Panama, taught permaculture across South America and Australia, and she hasn't bought a new item of clothing in over ten years. Her creative advocacy has earned her international acclaim; she was the winner of the prestigious Circle Awards in 2022, and has been profiled by the most celebrated in sustainability media.


As an illustrator, Brenna has worked with the Australian Red Cross, the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, Plan International, Milkwood, the Bob Brown Foundation, CSIRO and Gardening Australia's Costa Georgiadis.


As an educator, Brenna has taught alongside the biggest names in permaculture, including Rosemary Morrow, David Holmgren, Hannah Moloney, and the late Dan Palmer.


She co-runs Grow Do It Permaculture Education, a project focused on bringing climate solutions to kids (and their grown ups) through art, music and creativity.

Brenna is currently building her own strawbale house out of reclaimed materials on Bibbulmin Menang boodja, in an intentional community in South-West Western Australia.

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